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Biography-Darling, Fred E.
Plaque with a biography for Fred Darling. According to an article on page 11 of the Fall 1992 (6.2) Eastern Today, EKU's auxiliary gymnasium was dedicated to Darling on Sept. 26, 1992. There is an article on the dedication in the September 28, 1992,…

Marker, area where Lyndon B. Johnson broke ground for building
Four screws have been inserted in the wall just under this plaque. Possibly a missing plaque?

Biography-McBrayer, Paul S.
Plaque features bronze relief and biography of Paul McBrayer. An article on p. 5 of the Summer 1989 edition of EKU Today indicates that a ceremony dedicating the basketball arena to Paul S. McBrayer, former head basketball coach, took place in…

Alumni Coliseum dedication
Dedication plaque for Alumni Coliseum.

Alumni Coliseum

Architectural drawing of Alumni Coliseum. Louis and Henry Harstern are listed as the architects.