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Crabbe Library

Architectural drawing of Crabbe Library. Louis and Henry (Louisville) listed as architects. Unable to identify "Dezka."


Architectural drawing of Palmer.

Alumni Coliseum

Architectural drawing of Alumni Coliseum. Louis and Henry Harstern are listed as the architects.

Dupree Hall and Todd Hall

Architectural drawing of Dupree and Todd Halls. Scheffer Studio, started by Jules Scheffer, is/was an architectural illustration studio located in Kansas City. Brock, Johnson and Romanowitz listed as architects.

Commonwealth Hall aka Men's Dorm 8

An architectural drawing of a men's dorm. Brock, Johnson and Romanowitz listed as architects. Mat reads "Men's Dormitory 8." Building was later named Commonwealth Hall.

Keene Hall
Architectural drawing of Keene Hall

University Center aka J.C. Powell Building

Architectural drawing of University Center. Johnson-Romanowitz Architects listed as architects.

Walters Hall

Architectural drawing of Walters Hall. Label on back reads: "Property of Watkins, Burroughs & Associates." Signed by "Dezka" in right corner. Have not been able to identify who Dezka is.