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McGregor Hall
McGregor Hall is named for Thomas B. McGregor, a highly regarded judge of the Commonwealth's 14 district, a former regent and a former Kentucky Attorney General. The hall is a six-story, air-conditioned residence hall for 439 women. It has two…

Biography-McGregor, Thomas B.
Plaque with a biography for Thomas McGregor. Plaque text: "Regent, Eastern Kentucky University 1957-1965, Highly regarded judge of the commonwealth's 14th Judicial District and as Kentucky's Attorney General, he brought his expertise, wisdom and…

McGregor Hall

Architectural drawing of McGregor Hall. Watkins, Burrows and Mills (of Lexington, KY) are listed as architects.

Portrait-McGregor, Thomas B.
Oil painting of Thomas B. McGregor, who was a highly regarded judge in Kentucky's fourteenth judicial district, a former Eastern regent, and a former Kentucky Attorney General. McGregor Hall was built in 1963.