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Van Peursem Pavillion

The James E. van Peursem Music Pavilion is named for a long-time chairman of the music department. Dedicated in 1963, it is the source of lots of "good stories" (many to remain untold). One true story is of Mozart, a black mongrel dog buried behind…

Memorial, Mozart
A memorial to the campus mascot Mozart. Inscription reads: "Here lies MOZART Campus Mascot E.K.S.C. Oct 15, 1947-August 14, 1964."

Portrait-Mozart (the dog)

Mozart, an Irish Setter/Cocker Spaniel mix, served as the unofficial mascot of EKSC campus between 1947 and 1964. Risner, the painter, graduated from Eastern in 1963. The painting was presented to Eastern by the Student Council and hung in the…