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Portrait-Adams, Kerney

Oil painting of Kerney Adams. According to the dedication program, the Wallace Building and the Kearny Adams Room were dedicated on Oct. 3, 1971.

Portrait-Robert R. and Ann Martin

Photograph of Robert and Ann Martin. On back: "Presented in appreciation to President and Mrs. Robert R. Martin, The Eastern Progress, 1976 Milestone and Friends, Christmas 1975." Label on back of frame indicates that it was made by Vilas-Mages…

John Wilson Townsend

A portrait of John Townsend. A stamp on the back of photograph reads: "The Pepiot Studio, 510 Main Street East, Lexington, KY 40508." It is not clear if this is the framer, the photography studio, or both. The July 13, 1968, Richmond Daily…

Portrait-Richards, Mary Frances
An oil painting of Mary McKinney. Text from note taped to back of portrait: "This portrait of Mary Frances McKinney Richards, commissioned and paid for by her husband, Mr. R.R. Richards, is to remain displayed in a prominent place in this building,…

Portrait-Clay, Sidney
Oil painting of Sidney Clay that can be found hanging in front of elevators.

Portrait-Palmer, Wilson
Photograph of Wilson Palmer.

Portrait-Burnam, Anthony Rollins
Oil painting of Anthony Burnam. Note on painting: "Copy by Adelaide Everhart." It is unclear who painted the original portrait. According to the online Georgia Encyclopedia (, Everhart, a "portraitist and illustrator,"…

Portrait-Arnold, William

Ornate gold frame, oval cut-out. Original inventory from William Arnold Hanger indicates that a portrait was to be replaced by a reproduction. It is unclear whether this is the original painting or a copy. "AO Revenaugh 1907" appears on left side…

Portrait-Hanger, Harry Baylor, Sr.
Oil painting of Harry Hanger. No protective glass.

Portrait-Hanger, Mary Elizabeth
Oil painting of Mary Hanger. A check in the Hanger Family Papers indicates that Elizabeth Arnold Hanger paid Lucretia Spilman $400 for "painting a portrait." This may be Hanger's payment for her daughter, Elizabeth's, portrait. Spilman was a…

Portrait-Allen, Dick Mayo

Oil painting of Dick Mayo Allen. An article in the December 6, 1984 Richmond Register (p. 16) indicates that the portrait was unveiled during the dedication ceremonies for the Dick Mayo Allen Room on Dec. 6, 1984 Allen served as the fourth librarian…

Portrait-Breck, Robert L.

Oil painting of Robert Breck. Board of Regents notes from 11/20/1918 indicate that the children of Robert Lee Breck were invited to furnish an oil painting of their father. Board of Regents notes from 4/17/1926 indicate that the portrait had already…

Stephen Collins Foster

Watercolor portrait of Stephen Collins Foster. In a letter to Library Director, Ernest Weyhrauch (found in the Library Director's Office Records, Box 8), Dorothy Townsend indicates that she is giving a signed watercolor portrait of Stephen Collins…

Portrait-McCreary, James B.

Oil painting of James McCreary. Board of Regents notes from 11/20/1918 indicate that Mr. Robert McCreary gave an oil painting of his father, the late Gov. James B. McCreary. Typed label on the back reads: "Governor James B. McCreary, 1838-1918. …

Portrait-Sullivan, Jere A.

Board of Regents notes from 8/14/1926 indicate that J.A. Sullivan presented a portrait of himself to the school with the understanding that is should be received with no ceremony. The portrait was to be kept in the library until the university…