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Shovel, Martin Hall groundbreaking

The shovel is mounted to a wooden hanger. Inscriptions on the handle indicate that it was used in the groundbreaking ceremonies of Presnell, McGregor, Stratton, Todd, Dupree, Brockton, Walters, Telford, Greg Adams, Bert Combs, L.O. Martin, Perkins,…

Table, small, square
Original to Keen Johnson dining room. Collection contains four of these tables, all are identical.

Sofa, two seat
Maroon upholstery with wooden legs. Collection contains two identical items.

Chair, double rail arms
Green upholstery with wooden arms and legs. Collection contains seven identical chairs.

For use at dressing tables. Mauve upholstery, perhaps original? Collection contains six identical items.

Table, dressing
Attached to wall with mirrors hung above. Decorative scalloped edging. Collection contains three identical items.

Cabinet, display
Display cabinet with two cabinet doors at the bottom. Mirror behind display shelves. Glenn (the building's maintenance supervisor) has the keys to the display case. Collection contains two identical items.

Chair, barrel with arms
Maroon upholstery. Double rail arms and wooden legs. Collection contains eight identical chairs.

Chairs, overscale wing
Maroon striped upholstery. Collection contains four identical items.

Tables, semi-circular sofa table
Each table leg or support has two bands of black. Color of table top does not match legs. Glenn (maintenance supervisor in the building) says that the tops of these tables have been replaced or refinished but that the table legs are original.…

Chair, upholstered wingback
Scalloped back wing chair with sage green upholstery and wooden legs. Collection contains eight identical items.

Table, conference
Rectangular table with art deco "legs" or supports. Each support has two black bands around it. Glenn (maintenance supervisor in the building) says that the tops of these tables have been replaced or refinished but that the table legs are original.

Bench, curved
Curved bench sits under railing that leads to the entrance foyer. Maroon upholstery with wooden legs.

Mace and pedestal, Eastern State College

Dean Gatwood was on the faculty of the art dept. The mace has symbolized the order and dignity of office since approx. the 13th Century. Although it was originally a combat weapon, it later became a symbol for academic institutions.

Trophy, Grand Circuit, Montreal
Brass scroll attached to similarly shaped piece of wood. Engraved text: "Grand Circuit, 3 ans Trot pour Pouliches, 1972, Blue Bonnets-Montreal."

Trophy, Arlington Inner-League Golf
Gold trophy cup mounted on wooden pedestal with a golfer on the top. Engraved text: "Winner Inter-League Golf, Arlington, 1980."

Old English Silver Gilt Cup and Cover
Ornately carved loving cup with handles and cover, standing on a wooden pedestal. Text on gold tag: "Old English Silver Gilt Cup and cover. Made in London 1708 in the Reign of Queen Anne by the Master Goldsmith Simon Pantin." Simon Pantin was one…

Cigar box, "The Good Ship"
Text on top: "The Good Ship 'Pretty Hard.'" Text inside: "Soapie, Ambish, Denck, Sammy Shoo, Huhnie, Kingie, PleasantAp, Tony, November 1918."

Cigar box, The Excelsior, New York Racing Association

Text: "New York Racing Association, The Excelsior, Jamaica, 1959, Won by W. Arnold Hanger, Whitley." A nearly identical box sold on Ebay (Sept. 15, 2006) for $329.

Trophy, United Nations Handicap, Atlantic City Race Course
Trophy features a globe on top with a thermometer, barometer, hygro and clock. This trophy was given at the first U.N. Handicap, run in 1953. William Schoppy, Inc., has been in business since 1923. According to the Wikipedia, "the United Nations…

Trowel, Moore building dedication
Text on plaque: "Moore Building, Aug. 3, 1967, Eastern Kentucky University, Dr. Robert T. Martin, President, C.A. Coleman, Architect."

Pen, used to sign House Bill 238
The pen Robert R. Martin used to sign House Bill 239 (designating Eastern as a University) on February 24, 1966. Then governor Edward Breathitt's name is engraved in the pen.

Shovel, Martin Hall Groundbreaking

A miniature shovel has been mounted to the plaque. Gold ID tag text: "Presented to Robert R. Martin on the Occasion of Groundbreaking for Martin Hall, March 4, 1961, Eastern Kentucky State College."

Hatchet, commemorative
Text on plaque: "Presented to Robert R. Martin, President, Fort Boonesborough State Park Association, Land-Clearing Ceremony Restoration, Fort Boonesborough, June ?, 1973. A smaller plaque reads, "Fort Boonesborough Constructed April - June 1775"