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Crabbe Library Dedication Program

Crabbe Library Dedication Program_1967.pdf
Program from dedication of the John Grant Crabbe Library Renovation

Francis Dale Library Dedication Speech

Dale, Francis_speech_If this side is up_Library dedication_1967.pdf
Copy of the speech that Francis L. Dale gave on the occasion of the 1967 Library Renovation Dedication

Library Bulletin

Library Bulletin_1928_Reid.pdf
EKU Library Report from the second librarian

Noel Studio Slideshow

Noel Studio Slide Show.pdf
Walk-through of the Noel Studio Library space before, during, and after construction

The dedication of the Crabbe Library's cornerstone
Mrs. Smith Park, Mrs. Nancy Miller, Ernest W. Weyhrauch, and Dick Mayo Allen

The home of Eastern's first library
President Roark established the first library in the Preparatory School Building, located where the Pearl Buchanan Theatre of Keen Johnson now stands