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Shovel, Martin Hall groundbreaking

The shovel is mounted to a wooden hanger. Inscriptions on the handle indicate that it was used in the groundbreaking ceremonies of Presnell, McGregor, Stratton, Todd, Dupree, Brockton, Walters, Telford, Greg Adams, Bert Combs, L.O. Martin, Perkins,…

Model, Centennial Man

Text on plaque: "Presented to Dr. Robert R. Martin in recognition of his artistic vision by Felix De Weldon, sc., February 1977." n 1974 the Alumni Association and Dr. Robert Martin commissioned Felix de Weldon, best known for the Iwo Jima Marine…

Trowel, Moore building dedication
Text on plaque: "Moore Building, Aug. 3, 1967, Eastern Kentucky University, Dr. Robert T. Martin, President, C.A. Coleman, Architect."

Pen, used to sign House Bill 238
The pen Robert R. Martin used to sign House Bill 239 (designating Eastern as a University) on February 24, 1966. Then governor Edward Breathitt's name is engraved in the pen.

Shovel, Martin Hall Groundbreaking

A miniature shovel has been mounted to the plaque. Gold ID tag text: "Presented to Robert R. Martin on the Occasion of Groundbreaking for Martin Hall, March 4, 1961, Eastern Kentucky State College."

Hatchet, commemorative
Text on plaque: "Presented to Robert R. Martin, President, Fort Boonesborough State Park Association, Land-Clearing Ceremony Restoration, Fort Boonesborough, June ?, 1973. A smaller plaque reads, "Fort Boonesborough Constructed April - June 1775"

Bust, Horace Mann
A bust of Horace Mann. Gold metal tag indicates that bust is a gift of the "Class of 1936." No identification on bottom or inside bust. Sculpture (visual works) that appears identical to ours appears on p. 55 of the P.P. Caproni "Catalogue of…

Bust, Woodrow Wilson
A bust of Woodrow Wilson. Metal tag inside bust indicates that it was made by P. P. Caproni & Brother. An ID tag, like the one on the Abraham Lincoln bust, seems to have been removed. The following text appears on the lower right side of bust: "P.…

Venus Of Melos
Sculpture (visual works) that appears identical to ours appears on p. 10 in P.P. Caproni "Catalogue of Reproductions of Sculpture (visual works): Ancient, Medieval and Modern, Part One" c. 1928 (located in Donovan Papers-Box 40-Subject…

Hebe Bearing Cup
Sculpture (visual works) that appears identical to ours appears on p. 28 in P.P. Caproni "Catalogue of Reproductions of Sculpture (visual works): Ancient, Medieval and Modern, Part One" c.1928 (located in Donovan Papers-Box 40-Subject…

Biography-Boone, Daniel
Plaque with the biography of Daniel Boone. An article on p. 6 of the May 7, 1937 Eastern Progress, indicates that the plaque was presented by then President H.L. Donovan during an assembly on April 28, 1937. This assembly was held in the foyer of…

Biography-Coates, Thomas Jackson
Plaque with the biography of Thomas Coates.

Bust, Henry Clay
A bust of Henry Clay. Written text on the inside of the bust reads: "Copy 4. E. Hale II." Carved text on the back of the bust reads: "J.T. Hart sculpt.1847." According to American National Biography Online, Joel Tanner Hart (11 Feb. 1810 - 2 …

Kentucky State Capital Building

Willoweise Langham is a nationally-known watercolor artist based in Fair Hope, AL. According to her web page, Langham completed a B.F.A. the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. She went on to work as a commercial artist for several years…

Portrait-Robert R. and Ann Martin

Photograph of Robert and Ann Martin. On back: "Presented in appreciation to President and Mrs. Robert R. Martin, The Eastern Progress, 1976 Milestone and Friends, Christmas 1975." Label on back of frame indicates that it was made by Vilas-Mages…

EKU Library Expansion

An architectural drawing of the EKU library expansion. Sherman Carter Barnhart listed as architects. Andrew Lynn is an architectural illustrator and the founder of Lynn Architectural Illustrators, based in Lexington, KY.

Donaldson Complex

Architectural drawing of what appears to be a Facility Services building.

Combs Classroom

Architectural drawing of Combs classroom. May have been done by Robert Pinkerton, creator of the other architectural drawing of Combs hanging nearby.

Moore building

Architectural drawing of Moore building. Tom Ventulett co-founded Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback, an architectural firm, in Macon, GA, in 1968.

Married Student Housing

Architectural drawing of married student housing.

Case Hall

Architectural drawing of Case Hall. Meriwether, Marye listed as architects. "Pinkerton" is probably the signature for Robert Pinkerton a Lexington, KY, architect and architectural illustrator.

Crabbe Library

Architectural drawing of Crabbe Library. Louis and Henry (Louisville) listed as architects. Unable to identify "Dezka."