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Poem-Keene, William L.

Bronze plaque on the side of Chapel closest to Powell features a poem written by William L. Keene, Prof. of English. The plaque text: "A gift of love from alumni faculty, students and friends of Eastern Kentucky University In the heart of the campus…

List of donors (4 plaques)

Three plaques list the names of those who contributed to Century Club, a group that raised money for the Chapel's construction. There is an article in the Summer 1968 Eastern Alumnus about the project. According to an article in the March 2,…

Biography-Black, John
Plaque with the biography of John Black.

Biography-Gentry, Frank
Plaque with the biography of Frank Gentry.

Hanger dedication
Dedication plaque for Hanger.

Biography-McKinney, Robert C.
Plaque with a biography for Robert McKinney. The program for the dedication of the Funderburk Building and the Robert C. McKinney Complex indicates that plaques were unveiled during the April 29, 1994, dedication ceremony. A sales receipt from Meier…

Biography-Sayre, Charles
Plaque with the biography of Charles Sayre.

Biography-Bogard, Richard H.
Plaque with a biography for Richard Bogard. Plaque is too thin to tag. Plaque unveiled at the building dedication on October 20, 1995. Plaque text: "Dedicated public servant whose distinguished career to Kentucky's fire service spanned 53 years. …

Ashland Oil Fire and Safety Laboratory

Plaque unveiled at the building dedication on October 20, 1995. Plaque text: "The Ashland Inc. Fire and Safety Laboratory is the result of a unique partnership between Eastern Kentucky University and Ashland, Inc., Kentucky's largest corporation. …

Biography-Darling, Fred E.
Plaque with a biography for Fred Darling. According to an article on page 11 of the Fall 1992 (6.2) Eastern Today, EKU's auxiliary gymnasium was dedicated to Darling on Sept. 26, 1992. There is an article on the dedication in the September 28, 1992,…

Marker, area where Lyndon B. Johnson participated in the Alumni Coliseum groundbreaking
Near this spot under a wild cherry tree on June 1, 1961 Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, later president of the United States broke ground for this building

Biography-McBrayer, Paul S.
Plaque features bronze relief and biography of Paul McBrayer. An article on p. 5 of the Summer 1989 edition of EKU Today indicates that a ceremony dedicating the basketball arena to Paul S. McBrayer, former head basketball coach, took place in…

Alumni Coliseum dedication
Dedication plaque for Alumni Coliseum.

Leonard Joe Keith service recognition
Plaque text: "Presented by Men's Interdorm May, 1978 in memory of Leonard Joe Keith, Commonwealth Hall Director, 1974-1977, for outstanding service to the university and the community. November 13, 1977."

Biography-Dupree, Sr., Frederick Lamar
Plaque with a biography for Frederick Dupree, Sr. Plaque text: "Regent, Eastern Kentucky University, 1960-1968. Prominent businessman, distinguished regent and esteemed financier, he brought to the Board of Regents valued expertise in investment…

Biography-Fitzpatrick, H.D., Sr.
Plaque with a biography for H.D. Fitzpatrick. Plaque text: "Regent, Eastern Kentucky State College, 1930-1944; 1956-1957. Respected banker and business leader, he brought valued financial advice to the Board of Regents for five terms. Conservative…

Biography-Burnam, Anthony Rollins
Plaque with the biography of Anthony Burnam. Plaque text: "Chief Justice, Kentucky Court of Appeals, 1903-1906. Kentucky Senator, 1908. Distinguished jurist, effective legislator, one of the great founders of Eastern. He was instrumental in the…

Biography-Van Peursem, James E.
Plaque with the biography of James Van Peursem. "Remarks by President Robert R. Martin on the Occasion of Plaque Unveiling Honoring Memory of James E. Van Peursem" (found in the University Advancement files, 1999-029, Box 7) indicated that the plaque…

Biography-Schwendeman, Joseph R.
Plaque with the biography of Joseph Schwendeman

Biography-Dean, Glenna Sprinkle
Plaque with the biography of Glenna Sprinkle Dean. The Learning Resources Center dedication program indicates that a plaque was unveiled on April 14, 1995.

Biography-Ault, William A.
Plaque with a biography for William Ault. Plaque text: "Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds, 1922-1956. For thirty-four years, meticulous keeper of the grounds, his considerate nature earned him campus-wide respect. Both a gentle man and a…

Biography-Gibson, Maude
Plaque with the biography of Maude Gibson. Plaque text: "Professor of Art, 1910-1942. Devoted teacher of art for more than three decades, she served as the lone member of that department until 1926, and with the limited resources of a young…

Biography-Sexton, William
Plaque with the biography of Wiliam Sexton.