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Bunker, watercolor collage
A watercolor painting. This piece is part of the EKU art department's Chautauqua Collection, award-winning artworks exhibited as part of the university's Chautauqua lecture series.

Weaver Building
Probably a hand-painted print of Weaver building.

Coates Building
Probably a hand-painted print of Coates building.

Keen Johnson Building
Probably a hand-painted print of Keen Johnson building.

Crabbe Library
Probably a hand-painted print of Crabbe library.

Burnam Hall
Probably a hand-painted print of Burnam Hall.

Roark Building
Probably a hand-painted print of Roark building.

Model School

This drawing was probably done by Vito Girone (1910-2004). An architect, painter, and city planner, Girone attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and then New York University. He also studied at the Beaux Arts Institute of Design in…

The Fire Engine
A watercolor painting. According to a memo from Donald Feltner (VP for Public Affairs) to Robert Martin, Howard Fain, a Nicholasville artist, wanted to donate the original painting to EKU for display in either the Stratton Bldg. or the proposed Fire…

Stephen Collins Foster

Watercolor portrait of Stephen Collins Foster. In a letter to Library Director, Ernest Weyhrauch (found in the Library Director's Office Records, Box 8), Dorothy Townsend indicates that she is giving a signed watercolor portrait of Stephen Collins…

Eastern Kentucky State Teacher's College overview

Architectural drawing of Eastern Kentucky State Teacher's College.

The Campus Beautiful
This is the original EKU map that was used to make numerous copies.

Old Victorian House

A watercolor painting by Lawrence Becker that was acquired 3/5/93. Item was purchased for $1,500.